Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Strawberry Bluffs

This Easter it will be five years since my uncle Tad died. Where I live there is a place called Strawberry Bluffs (it's called Strawberry because it's on Strawberry Loop not because there are strawberries. Lol) and this was my uncles favorite place to go. My family and I went to the bluffs a few times before my uncle died but we started to go more often after his death. This was also the place where he wanted his ashes to be spread. Strawberry Bluffs is a special place for my family because it is a few things we have to remind us of my uncle. 
Last Sunday the weather was super nice and we took advantage of it and drove up to the bluffs. Something that made it a lot for special this time was that we got to take Enrique up there for his first time. He loved the view so much and had a blast. We will definitely be going up there again soon.

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