Friday, September 19, 2014

Autumn Inspiration

My favorite season is almost here and I am so excited that I wanted to do a post dedicated to it. I love the season Fall because it is full of color, scarves, boots and baking and so much more. It is just my favorite time ever. I wanted to do this Autumn post to share all the things I love about this season, and hopefully inspire some of you.
My fall schedule is packed of exciting and stressful things. Hopefully by the end of 2014 I will have the majority of my college requirements done and ready to go. I have chosen to attend Arkansas Tech University in Fall 2015. I have so much to do from now until then, but it will all be worth it in the end. I am also getting my senior pictures taken in November, and doing fall senior sessions of my own. I am super excited about doing some of my classmates senior pictures.
All these pictures I got from Pinterest. I chose a few Fall clothing pictures, because one of my favorite parts about this season is all the cute clothes. In the morning I can just throw on a big sweater with leggings and boots and look as cute as if I took two hours to get ready.
I wanted to get pictures of fall decorations, food, and drinks also. I think that decorating pumpkins in a unique way can be so much fun and make your house more festive. When it comes to baking I love to try new things. I work at a coffee shop so I will definitely be drinking tons of fall inspired drinks and baking like no other.
One of my goals for this Fall (or winter) is to have a Pinterest party. I have always wanted to have one, but never quite knew what to do. My idea is to invite my friends over and we can bake and carve pumpkins and make cute crafts that are festive for the season. I'm really eager to see if this will all work. We will see.
Be prepared to see more fall inspired post. I hope you guys in enjoy this Fall post and hopefully it is an inspiration to you guys as it is to me. :)

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