Monday, September 1, 2014

Springfield, Missouri

This Labor Day weekend I am at my grandmother's house in Ozark, Missouri. Ozark is about 10 minutes from Springfield, which is the third largest city in Missouri. We have always gone shopping in the more modern part of Springfield, but this time I wanted to go to the downtown area to take pictures. Downtown Springfield is historical and such a near place to take pictures. We visited the industrial part and the older historical buildings. 
I have been so inspired here lately by these two sisters that live in Springfield and started out as bloggers. These two sisters now have wrote two books, have two apps you can buy (PartyParty app and A Beautiful Mess app), still have their (very famous) blog and own their own studio and staff. Their job is to blog and have fun. So jealous. Emma and Elsie's (the sisters) blog has food, crafts, home, style, photography, and blogging tips for their followers. These two girls are so inspiring to me because they are so creative and live the life I strive to have. 
I wish I could have met Emma and Elsie while I was in Springfield, but I couldn't. I went on my own adventure. I hope you guys go check out their blog. It's so amazing and full of fun and a awesome ideas. 

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