Thursday, July 24, 2014

About Me

Hi! My name is Britni Yount. I am a 17 year old who lives in the Natural State {Arkansas}. I made this blog in November of 2011, but because I did not know how to work a blog I did not use it. But now with the help of a friend I now know how to post. I made this blog to share my photography with other people, and to express who I really am. I have been into photography for about five years now, and I just recently bought a Nikon D5300. I have started to do sessions with some of my close friends and now I am starting to do paid sessions. I want to pursue photography whether it is a career or just a side hobby.
I named my blog "As I Was Saying..." for a few reasons. I got the phrase from one of my favorite music artist,  Jack Johnson. I liked the name for my blog, because all through my life I have never been good with words. (That's why I am nervous about this blog) So the phrase means through my pictures I express what I try to say.
In my blog I will be posting not only my photography, but events, personal things, and crafts that go on in my daily life.
I hope you enjoyed checking out my blog and hope you continue to follow it.
Thank You! :)

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